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The collection of five individually designed luxury health clubs in London provide outstanding fitness spaces, classes and equipment that challenge the monotony of standard gyms.

The challenge

Third Space had recently undergone a rebranding to update its identity as the look, feel and sound of the space didn’t match the premium gym experience they offered. They asked us to create a new brand sound to reflect their point of difference. 

What we did

We worked on creating a memorable soundtrack for the Central London clubs, steering away from more generic commercial music and towards a highly customised sound experience. The music had to be sophisticated to match the clubs’ upmarket locations - Tower Bridge, Soho, Canary Wharf and Marylebone. 

We crafted a playlist to inspire and motivate people doing their workouts and personal training sessions, drawing on cutting-edge, eclectic, independent record labels for progressive and aspirational remixed tracks. And in total contrast to those stirring sounds, we developed a soothing soundscape for the Marylebone spa to complement its luxurious range of pampering treatments. 

thirdspace 05

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