Music for good times

TGI Fridays’ all-American classic dishes, laid-back attitude and uplifting atmosphere have been the brand’s trademark since the first restaurant opened in New York in 1965.

The Challenge

As part of TGI Fridays’ brand refresh, they wanted to update their music profile, reaching their customers through their upbeat American attitude but without cliché.


What we did

TGI’s guest profile includes young adults, families and celebratory groups, so their music profile needs cross-generational appeal to tap into a wide range of musical tastes. While guests want to feel Fridays’ cool and edgy vibe, they don’t want to feel alienated. The music policy had to have contagious familiarity, so guests stay longer and remember their music experience at Fridays.


We set up the rules for Fridays music - the ideal Fridays track needed to mirror the Fridays brand.  While it should have wide appeal, it should feel slightly edgy rather than mainstream safe.  It must be positive and feelgood - the lyrics can’t tell a downbeat story.  It should be able to infuse guests with Fridays-style contagious energy - a real zest for life and live-for-the-moment vibe.  

Our job was to ensure every track playlisted hit that mark, as that quality threshold had a direct impact on the atmosphere and vibe in the restaurant.


We also consciously ensured every track encouraged the ‘dub dubs’ (WW = waiters and waitresses) to walk with the Fridays spring in their step, and was danceable if necessary.  The dubs are key to delivering the Fridays experience, so the music needed to genuinely energise them - providing appropriate theatre and rhythm.


Our Millennial soundtrack ensured the brand’s feelgood factor was always prominent, promoting a positive and aspirational ambience at any time of day.


See the work we did on TGI’s digital signage here.


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