Our in-house experts craft dynamic and attention-grabbing content for digital screens, film and sound.

We help brands use digital in-store to succinctly inform their customers, direct them through their journey or engage them with style.

Motion graphics design

Our award-winning in-house design studio has a team of motion graphics creatives who conceptualise and develop content for digital screens in-store. Translating brand identity into video, they produce effective communications in 2D and 3D motion graphics, specialising in image manipulation, video editing and production. We have also extended digital projects into design communication or sponsorship bumpers and advertising for other media including outdoor, cinema and broadcast TV.

Touchscreen content design

We design and develop slick and engaging touch-sensitive screen applications that provide on-demand information, as well as larger-format interactive applications that blur the line between digital signage and touchscreens. We champion the use of rich content and technically sophisticated smartphone-style image interaction to hook customer interest and heighten their experience of your brand.

Film production

Our in-house expertise also includes writing, producing, directing and editing film projects, from entertaining advertising shorts and internal staff training to customer-facing videos for social media and high-production-value brand films for websites.

We’re masters of any aspect of visual communications, brands and the art of marketing to push your brand’s creativity – and produce video that is entertaining, informative or persuasive, but always memorable.

Audio branding and soundscapes

We use sound in different ways to define a brand’s personality, enhance recall and build its customer’s loyalty. On top of building a library of brand-congruent voice and music tracks for clients, we advise how they can use them to enhance their sound in-store, online, or over the phone, targeted to a particular product, customer profile, retail zone, season or times of the day and week – and balance their visual branding.

Digital and content strategy

Our in-house experts can research and develop strategies that define how best to use digital technology, graphics and messaging to achieve your brand’s objectives, whether driving a sale, informing customers or enhancing an environment.

They draw on all the elements at our fingertips, from digital signage and immersive technology through to film, music and soundscapes to put together a plan that reflects your brand values and adds sizzle to your offer.

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