Design and installations to enhance your brand

Customer experience comes first

We have years of experience working with audio and video installations. Our philosophy is to put customer experience at the centre of our design, and to build a system that delivers an atmosphere that exceeds expectations.


Careful attention is given to design layout, system integration, control and configuration to ensure clients get the maximum benefit from their investment.

Design and consultancy services

System design and specification

From concept to installation our design team immerse themselves in the client’s vision for the spaces they are creating, and we design AV schemes that work seamlessly with interiors, architecture, offer and positioning.

We aim to champion the importance of the AV package throughout the design and build process, to ensure the final outcome isn’t compromised along the way.

Where clients have existing installations which aren’t performing as well as they should, our AV Review service helps identify the reasons and recommends solutions and options.

We also offer services for brands who want AV Design Standards captured and documented to ensure quality and experience standards are met across multiple sites and global regions.


Preparation and planning are key to any successful installation. Our teams meticulously plan each project to ensure all aspects are considered. Equipment preparation is completed offsite as much as possible. The result is quick, hassle-free installations which function just as planned first time.

Commissioning, training and handover are delivered by experienced project managers, so you can be confident of smooth operation following installation.

Service and maintenance

We appreciate that any interruption to music or video content impacts your customer experience, therefore we offer fast and efficient support exactly at the time it’s needed.

Our 24/7 customer service centre provides remote support, backed up by a comprehensive network of field service engineers enabling us to attend sites at short notice.

To help prevent outages we offer proactive and preventative maintenance services to audit, manage and support your AV equipment. This service ensures equipment is maintained to deliver its best possible lifetime performance, helping to prevent disruption to the customer experience due to equipment failure, and also allows for planned upgrade.

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