Innovative digital storytelling installations for flagship store

Loved by celebrities and stylists, the women’s high-street favourite is known for boutique-like styles and exclusive prints.

The Challenge

Oasis specially commissioned us to create innovative digital storytelling installations for their London flagship store to enhance the brand’s playful personality and bring digital into the heart of the shopping experience.

What we did

The brand’s ‘House of Oasis’ store concept was designed to surprise and delight customers, with the promise to make shopping more social and fun. Working closely with Oasis’ creative and marketing teams, we produced stunning, immersive digital storytelling installations with bespoke sound design to reflect the playful essence of the brand. The tech needed to be subtle, so the three 70” screens were encased in period-style sash window frames at strategic locations on the customer journey throughout the store.

The brand vision was for customers to peek into a wonderful world curated by Oasis. We produced a stunning garden video animation for the main till point, which mesmerisingly changed between four seasons in front of your eyes, complete with bunnies wearing flat caps.

When customers travelled up the escalator, they saw a quirky family tree made up of intriguing portraits, with illustrations of woodland animals suddenly coming to life and jumping between paintings. Outside the dressing rooms, an eye-catching digital cat silhouette cutely watched birds flying overhead, subtly captivating customers waiting for their friends to re-appear.


All in-store digital surprises were supported by music, sound effects and voice-overs at key customer touchpoints, carefully considered to charmingly elevate the customer journey throughout the store. 


Overall, digital was used in a very delicate, playful way, which communicated volumes about the brand.

“We love the innovative way the digital installations function
in-store, subtle, immersive and highly memorable at the same time.”

Andy Pitman, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Kaleidovision

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