Our in-house software developers constantly enhance and innovate our product offering.

Kaleidovision's in-house Software Development team has created a powerful underlying media platform, comprising content scheduling, content distribution management and audio video player engines.

Our team of specialists in digital audio and video processing spend their days enhancing the company’s existing range of products and creating new, innovative ones to make brands able to communicate more effectively, more engagingly and in a more targeted way to their customers.

We’re fortunate to have a skill set that is particularly strong in producing bespoke technical solutions for clients, either through building on the existing media platform, or designing and developing completely new stand-alone applications tailored to their specific needs.

Our software developers work as part of a multi-disciplinary project team that benefits from the combined skills and input of audio-visual technicians, marketers and motion graphic designers. It allows us to take a project from the initial concept brainstorms all the way through to developing new software to bring into a brand’s space.

Another area of great strength is research, as we constantly spend time exploring and investing in new software and applications to keep at the forefront of the industry in terms of pushing boundaries and spotting new trends.

It’s very rare indeed to find the complete package within one company.