We developed our own proprietary Content Management System specifically to give us – and our clients – total control over what is distributed and played out in each site.

The sophisticated network structure means that we can rapidly playlist content to play throughout entire client estates, or we can target groups of sites or individual players with ease. It’s calculated to let brands respond swiftly to changing customer needs, pricing changes or creating demand for a new product – and update their estate within seconds.

We also can be extremely precise about when content plays out, whether it’s between specified dates, on certain days of the week or at specific times. It gives clients the opportunity to plan a strategy carefully and automatically play out in precise locations.

Many clients ask us to manage on their behalf the playlisting, scheduling and distribution of content to multiple sites, and we’re happy to help. On the other hand, some multi-site businesses need national content to be centrally managed, but with the flexibility to allow individual sites to manage local content at a local site.

And for those who prefer to have hands-on control of their own content, we’ve developed the KV-CMS web-based portal, a full content management system for screen content allowing clients to playlist video marketing content for display screens in their venues. It also makes it easy for marketing managers to create messages on specially created standard or custom-branded templates, then upload and schedule with user-friendly content creation tools. Clients can access the portal and manage content from anywhere on the internet. All content is sent to the relevant KL4 player either in single or multiple sites.